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Most Influential Artists of All Time

Posted on : May 5, 2015 Author : Tracy Oliver
Many great artists draw inspiration from their inner sentiments, thus allowing them to effectively express themselves in many ways through their art. These great artists tend to influence other artists as well. Their great talent makes them the best models or source of inspiration. Here is a list of the most influential artists of all time.

1. Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo_self Leonardo Da Vinci has mastered the creation of portraits, as evidenced by his most famous work, the Mona Lisa. But more than being an artist, he is also a humanist and a scientist. He was able to integrate all the areas where he was an expert of in each one of his masterpieces. And that’s the main reason why he is so successful and influential.

2. Pablo Picasso

Picasso 1 Known as the modern-day painter, Picasso gave a whole new dimension to art history. He is a very ambitious and creative painter, which allowed him to start the Avante Garde movement. But he didn’t stop at the things he was able to create. Instead, he went full speed ahead and surpassed all the artists he himself has regarded as masters.

3. Rembradnt Van Rijn

Rembrandt Rembrandt was very influential because of the way he uses light and shadows in his works. And those lights and shadows are reflections of his life. He was the master of self-portraits, not to mention of Dutch and European painting as well. Rembrandt will forever be remembered as the greatest artist of the 17th century.

4. Claude Monet

Claude Monet Claude Monet painted in a manner, style and league of his own. His works are oftentimes misunderstood and misinterpreted. However, he claimed that his complex art techniques should never be a subject of scrutiny. There’s no necessity to understand his works, as he only wanted people to appreciate and love it. While Claude Monet is one of the most underrated artists of his generation, he remains to be one of the most influential artists to date.

5. Vincent Van Gogh

Vicent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh is very famous and very influential not only because he’s a great artist, but also because of what he had experienced and suffered as a person. All his works are very personal, why is the reason why many artists have decided to follow his style.

6. Raphael

Raphael Raphael is the type of artist whom you’ll either hate or love. But though there were a lot of criticisms about his work, he wasn’t about to stop what he was doing. He continued creating the kind of art that he knew, and then went on to become one of the most notable artists of the Renaissance period. He was a master of drawing and color, which a lot of future artists have tried to integrate into their own works.

7. Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Andy Warhol is another modern-day artist who was very brilliant at what he does. He created the Pop Art movement, a concept that was never thought of before. With his talent and his His works made him an icon of contemporary art.

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