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Author : Tracy Oliver
Posted on : May 5, 2015

Many great artists draw inspiration from their inner sentiments, thus allowing them to effectively express themselves in many ways through their art. These great artists tend to influence other artists as well. Their great talent makes them the best models or source of inspiration. Here is a list of the most influential artists of all […]

Author : Tracy Oliver
Posted on : May 4, 2015

Vatican Museum
Art museums are established to make sure that people are always remembered by the beauty and the true purpose of art. Many notable artists have their works safely nestled in the many art museums of the world, thus making them easily accessible to those who want to see and appreciate them. Here is a list […]

Author : Tracy Oliver
Posted on : May 1, 2015

Diego Rivera with Frida Kahlo
Artists describe themselves as free beings. They allow themselves to be creative and express their thoughts and ideas in any way that they desire. And even if they are faced with the harshest of critics, these people, in the name of art, will continue to do what they do best – add the color, style […]

Author : alonl
Posted on : April 23, 2015

Guernica Tattoo Pablo Picasso
Tattoos are considered as an art form. They are widely accepted as a method of artistic expression that uses one’s body as the canvas. And when classic art and tattoo meet, the result is extraordinary. Here are some of the best tattoos that depict the famous works of known artists. 1. Pablo Picasso’s Guernica Spanish painter […]

Author : alonl
Posted on : April 23, 2015

Haida Totem Pole
Art installations are among the most interesting artworks that every person can readily appreciate. Needless to say, these works explicitly show its artist’s creative imagination. A few of the most admired art installations of all time are as follows: 1. Real Life Transformer French artist Guillaume Reymond may just be the biggest fan of the […]

Author : The Artists Team
Posted on : April 21, 2015

Mona Lisa
There are paintings that are admired because of how mysterious it looks, or the technicality behind the art, or the back story of the painting or simply because of its genius creator. Paintings are expressions turned to a work of art. Each person may see a different meaning and we may interpret a painting in […]