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Author : Zoran Velimanovic Category: artists
Posted on : August 17, 2013

200x150, oil on canvas, 2013

Author : Rabarama Category: artists
Posted on : July 8, 2013

Italian contemporary artist (sculptor and painter) known for her participation at the Venice Biennial, her collaboration with the Cirque du Soleil and her monumental sculptures exhibited in Paris, Shanghai, Miami, Beijing, London, Florence, etc.rnrnShe is collected by some of the great collectors in the world.

Author : gabriëlla jonk Category: artists
Posted on : May 31, 2013

Gabriëlla JonkrnFamous sculpturist from the NetherlandsrnMakes small and big sculptures from steel.rnoriginal laDyfigures.

Author : Vlado Vesselinov Category: artists
Posted on : April 11, 2013

Painting of the Bulgarian artist Vlado Vesselinov is a great example that the vintage style prevails lately and is also present in the world of contemporary art.

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Author : Starr Category: artists
Posted on : March 31, 2013


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Author : Henrique Matos Category: artists
Posted on : February 2, 2013

Portuguese painter.

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Author : Nina Tokhtaman Valetova Category: artists
Posted on : January 15, 2013

Oil paintings , digital art

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Author : S. Kristiansen Category: artists
Posted on : December 19, 2012

Arthur Sachs will be known mostly as a Spanish artist because of his works on Flamenco dancers and Spanish gypsies. However, one will also note that he has Scandinavian influences as well, with some paintings dedicated to subjects with pale, porcelain faces. This is because Arthur Sachs is, in fact, a Swedish artist. He spent a part of his life painting in Sweden and another part of his life painting in Spain.

Author : Igor Smirnoff Category: artists
Posted on : December 11, 2012

Smirnoff Boris (1903 - 2007) rnrnArt Influences of the Abstract and Cubism on Smirnoff BorisrnrnBorn in 1903 in Russia, Smirnoff Boris remains till today one of the premier league of Painters who based their art style and love of art appreciation on the Russian Avant-Guardism tendencies. Though Boris migrated to France in his early days, he retained the dream of the Russia of his memories.

Author : CIMA AZIIMI Category: artists
Posted on : November 29, 2012

Cima Azimi "It is important to me that I create an experience and journey in my art, whether abstract or representational"

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