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Robert Motherwell: early collages

Posted on : November 13, 2013 Author : caron_greenblatt
  Collage, from the French term: " coller" meaning to glue is a technique used mainly in the visual arts whereby various materials, such as paper or even pieces of found objects or torn, or broken and then glued onto a surface. The many shapes created come together to create a whole composition. The cubists, Picasso and Braque coined the term at the beginning of the 20th century, and it was then that collage became a distinctive part of modern art. Robert Motherwell , an American Post War Abstract Expressionist painter exprerimented with collage. This technique helped the artist sketch his ideas. By tearing and glueing paper onto a surface, he could clarify the shape, color , edge and composition. Quite quickly, these experiments developed into works in their own right. The exhibition at the Guggenheim showcases Robert Motherwells collages.