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New Release: Series of Educational Book On How To Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images by Nadia Russ

Posted on : October 8, 2011 Author : ARTHUR

Visual art expands and extends our shared common visual language. NeoPopRealism style was created by artist Nadia Russ in 1989 and manifested in 2003, and 2011 is time to have included this bit of visual data into our vocabularies and introduce it to our art students. 

NeoPopRealism art style of visual arts shows new ways to see familiar things and how to interpret them through this new kind of visual shorthand. As society has changed, also has the interpretation of specific subject matter. And the new language of visual arts has appeared - NeoPopRealism, which combines the brightness and simplicity of Pop Art with deep and psychological realism, has high energy colors and graphic nature. 
The recent books (4) by Nadia Russ contain teaching / learning material on how to draw NeoPopRealism images, using ink pen. With these books, you will learn how to draw without eraser. The NeoPopRealism ink images consist of line and often repetitive patterns. The drawing process of busy backgrounds with these patterns is meditative process. The meditative state of mind is the highest state in which our mind exist and artist/teacher/student with this art style and technique is able to achieve both the interesting artistic results and purity of his/her mind. 
But, NeoPopRealism is not just ink and pen, it can be done by acrylic or using mixed media, or any other medium. But about it will be another series of teaching/ learning books, Nadia Russ said.
A recent series includes two books for adults/teens and two books for children. 
A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics" ISBN: 978-0615515755 teaches how to execute whimsical drawings. It offers an illustrative and entertaining way of learning this fascinating technique of the ink drawing without eraser. All you need is just a pen, as you will use for your exercising the pages of this book. No matter you have artistic skills or not, you with this book you will learn the basics of this style. The professional artists also will find this book useful as they will learn the basics for they future creative expressions, using this new visual language, and to start their unique journey to the world of NeoPopRehism.
A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds" ISBN: 978-0615527437 teaches how to draw whimsical backgrounds for NeoPopRealism ink drawings. Impossible is nothing and this drawing process will help you to develop your artistic skills, intuition and imagination. Step-by-step you will learn how to create the balanced and interesting compositions. This book will teach you how to create complicated looking images with simple details and you need for it only ink pen, because you will draw your first ink images on pages of this book, following author's instructions.
The next two books are for children education. 
A book "How to Draw Without Eraser: Children's Guide to the World of NeoPopRealism" ISBN: 978-0615521824 teaches children step-by-step how to draw images with ink pen. This drawing is fun and rewarding. Hostess girl Neo guides your child through the book's pages. Learning to draw NeoPopRealism ink images helps to develop intuition and artistic senses and to start, your child needs only ink pen, as he/she will draw on this book's pages, following the offered patterns. It is like a game, just follow easy instructions and enjoy excitement! All illustrations made by internationally known artist Nadia Russ.
There’s strong connection between meditation, healthier immune system and happiness. When one draws repetitive patterns, he/she enters meditative state of mind. Meditation is a positive brain-changing activity that increases child's brain functions.
A book "How to Draw the NeoPopRealism Abstract: Children's Guide" ISBN: 978-0615545332 teaches how to draw the NeoPopRealism abstract images using ink pen. Starting with the basics, it also teaches how to draw the more complicated images. Follow all tips, tricks and easy-to-understand visual instructions and you will be able to execute the beautiful and balanced abstract compositions here and now! In its Bonus section, it offers easy-to-follow visual guidance to the advanced abstract drawing, and all you need is the ink pen. When you draw the NeoPopRealism abstract you enter meditative state of mind, the higher state in which our mind exist.
With these books you will learn the basics of the NeoPopRealism ink drawing. It will give you the ability to start execute the advanced drawings, freely expressing yourself and your artistic talent using new visual language of 21st century.