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Jill Greenberg: Glass Ceiling

Posted on : September 23, 2011 Author : LA><ART
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Jill Greenberg: Glass Ceiling LA><ART Billboard September 26th –October 9th, 2011

  Sunset Blvd. at Fairfax, North West corner, viewable while driving EastLA><ART is pleased to present a billboard by Los Angeles based photographer Jill Greenberg entitled Glass Ceiling: American Girl Doll.  The insertion of this work amongst the billboards on Sunset Boulevard will provide a compelling juxtaposition of imagery and pictorial intent.

In 2010 Greenberg hired professional synchronized swimmers and photographed them while herself scuba diving in a Culver City swimming pool. She was severely physically restricted in a wetsuit, with over 50 pounds of scuba gear including an air tank, weights, and a massive and state-of-the-art camera system with underwater lights, which captured the 180 megapixel images allowing for an unprecedented level of information in each image. Glass Ceiling marks Greenberg’s return to her explorations throughout the 90s of the depiction of the female body. Greenberg began working with this problematic years ago with a series of drawings of “women as seen by men,” isolating genitalia and heels.

As an artist famed for her hyper-real visual style, Greenberg self-consciously utilizes the full power of the still image to confront the viewer with spectacular color and extreme usage of artificial lighting techniques. Her interest in politics began with End Times, portraits of crying toddlers titled with various pithy catchphrases of the time. With Shock and Awe and Left Behind, she straddled the line between commercial images, advertising, and celebrity portraiture.

Jill Greenberg’s work has appeared in numerous publications such as The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The New York Sun, and French Photo. Her photographs have been exhibited in a number of gallery and museum exhibitions around the world including: ClampArt Gallery (New York, NY), Jaski Art Gallery (Amsterdam), Museum Dr. Guislian (Ghent, Belgium), acte2galerie (Paris), Annenberg Foundation Photography Space (Los Angeles, CA), Greenaway Art Gallery (Australia), and Chelsea Art Museum (New York, NY), amongst others. Greenberg’s work is also represented in permanent collections such as the Portland Art Museum (Portland, OR), The Kemper Museum (Kansas City, MO), The West Collection (Paoli, PA), The Hallmark Photographic Collection (Kansas City, MO), National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC), and the Southeast Museum of Photography (Daytona Beach, FL). After publishing two successful books of monkey and bear portraits, Greenberg’s Horses book will be released by Rizzoli in Fall 2012. Additional Glass Ceiling pieces can be seen in Los Angeles from September 30 - October 3, 2011 at ClampArt Gallery’s booth at Pulse Los Angeles during Art Platform.


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