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Jessica Dalva and Annie Murphy-Robinson at La Luz de Jesus

Posted on : January 29, 2013 Author : Lee_Joseph
Jessica Dalva These Days Annie Murphy-Robinson Emily and the Cosmos February 1 - 24 Opening Reception: Friday, February 1st, 8-11 pm La Luz de Jesus Gallery 4633 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 666-7667 www.laluzdejesus.com   Click to Enlarge! Jessica Dalva's new series of 24 sculptures and drawings is an attempt to illustrate the variety of thoughts, rituals and impressions that one experiences throughout a day. preview show here Click to Enlarge! Annie Murphy Robinson's technique is relatively unknown, she uses sandpaper as a medium to embed dry material into heavy paper. Using this technique, she is able to “see” in the dark. She uses a myriad of photographic reference for the images of her daughters and draws from life the images of my old toys and memorabilia.  The use of this technique takes the work to a “hyper-real” level and lends itself well to the pervasive feeling of melancholy that exists. Her intent is to confront the viewer and ask questions. preview show here

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