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Coachella 2015 Art Festival California

Posted on : April 16, 2015 Author : Tracy Oliver
Coachella 2015 The two-week Coachella 2015 Music and Art exhibit is its most ambitious one yet. The event attracted the likes of Justin Bieber and other famous personalities. However, they were not the highlights of the event. What took center stage were the beautiful art installations that were specially created for the exhibit, more particularly the big, colorful butterfly with wings is lit up at night. Thousands of people took part in this recently concluded festival in Indio, California. There were 14 art installations to admire, not to mention several electronic DJs and indie rockers adding to all the fun. The festivities run during the first two weekends of April. The April 10-12 weekend has been concluded. Guests are anticipating the April 17-19 leg of the festivities. Aside from the huge butterfly installation that stole show, the art other notable installations were 'A Festo Vitae', which is a marble Portuguese Marble Cat exhibit and 'The Corporate Headquarters', which are actors dressed up in suits role playing inside the office and on their desk and throwing papers around. Visit the Coachella2015 art festival and witness spectacular shows, events, fun, and celebrations.

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