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Brad Haylock – Without Time + Simon MacEwan- The World’s Fair

Posted on : October 4, 2011 Author : Anna_Pappas_Gallery
Click to Enlarge! Without Time continues Brad Haylock’s ongoing questioning of the commodification of critical practices, in particular the intersection of artistic avant-gardes and luxury capitalism. The exhibition’s title is derived with irony from a literal mistranslation of the Italian phrase ‘senza tempo’, accurately translated as ‘timeless’, the name of the 2010 collection by Italian furniture maker Minotti. Certain works in the exhibition evoke suprematist inquiries into an essentialism of form, but take as their content the graphic tropes of fashion magazines and perfume packaging. In contrast, other works evoke the symbolism of oppositional subcultures or the historic political left. In this exhibition, just as in today’s designer home, divergent motifs and materials come together in pursuit of a seamless whole. Click to Enlarge!  

In the hands of Simon MacEwan the fantastical wonderland of the fair, unmoored from the constraints of reality, drifts like a lost balloon into strange territory. The World's Fair imagines a strange afterlife for the vast spaces that housed international exposition halls during the 19th and 20th centuries. Ghosts of buildings are inhabited by people who could never have met in the real world and inventions grow and evolve in ways that their creators never might have imagined. A small Indian elephant carved from graphite, one of the very few items that survived a fire that destroyed Sydney's Garden Palace in 1882, morphs into a giant beast standing tall amongst ancient ruins and fairy lights.

Exhibition 13 October - 13 November 2011 Open Tues-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 12pm-6pm Anna Pappas Gallery 2-4 Carlton Street, Prahran VIC 3181 (03) 8598 9915


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