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Posted on : June 20, 2012 Author : Julie_Shrive
Click to Enlarge!  My Work conceptually concerns age / identity & how one is viewed by system as one ages “I am rapidly becoming a spectre ” Roland Barthes . This links photography, sculpture [ installation]  and video ;  to painting’s Impression and abstraction and history of the early moving image / narrative

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In 2006 I was an International [ USA] award photographic nominee and published in Creative Review’s Annual. 

. I have joined many groups and am on many public sites on the internet as regards capturing the moment or devising a composition eg: utube9773165 has my videos , as well artsreview etc

 I have now developed campaigning aspect using photographs as icons on forums such as Care2 website USA [ petitions]

I recently had a solo show of art work at my Doctors ‘Surgery – Hanley Road, Finsbury Park, Islington London N4 which was successful as feedback good. Also  St John’s Way Community centre & Vintage hairdressers Tollington Way . 


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This work was conceived as collaborate production employing my late fathers work [ As a pharmacist he did sculpture, later glass engraving  as a hobby & was a sports enthusiast regularly playing badminton weekly , swimming everyday till he died at 90+.


This relates to the Olympics & heritage aspect of my work & his [ he lived on Kensington High Street as a boy] . 


Using my late fathers[ pharmacist's ] Diver [have since had moulds made]  These could be submitted as  further sculptures fibre glass resin so fairly lightweight  just over 6  foot high 

Diver is a  minimal piece reminiscent of art deco his era. I am  having cast the Diver in resin & fibre glass  to look like pale stone it has just being finished .

One is on the wall of Teddington  Swimming baths where he swam every day.


 His original which had suffered a breakage, is BORN AGAIN / RESURRECTION  has been   strengthened developed on by myself  [ as a found object/ Installation ] as if it is emerging from the ground like a V shape  a la synchronised swimming. Based on the ground or table top /plynth   This is my Concept .It is free-standing & darker looking like dark metal with slight verdigris emerging from shattered mirror  .Behind could be  the new cast like a pale stone shadow wall hung. 



If the funding  was awarded the aim would be produce a circular  wall hung piece using 8 multiples arranged like a clock top to toe a la synchronised swimming in different resins of contrasting tones  . a la Ziegfield Follies 


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