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One of the biggest museums in the United States is the Museum of Fine Arts. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts and houses over 450,000 artworks. It is considered to have the most comprehensive collections compared to other museums in the Americas. As of 2013,the Museum of Fine Arts has more than 1 million visitors which ranked them as the 62nd most visited museum in the world.

The Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1870 and opened
6 years after. In 1909, it was moved to its current location. It is affiliated with the School of the Museum
of Fine Arts as well as its sister museum in Nagoya, Japan, the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

The sister museum was established to send items and collections that are rarely seen in Japan. They do
this to “internationalize” the organization and by giving opportunities to viewers and art enthusiasts to
see the different collections of the Museum of Fine Arts without having to travel to Boston. Some of the
items are sent to a five-month loan and for others, they are left there for a five-year long term loan.

Most of the collections in the museum were from the Boston Athenæum Art Gallery and boasts the
works of the European artists, Vincent van Gogh, Pierre-August Renoir, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse
among many others. Aside from the European artists, there are also great American artists such as John
Singleton Copley, Fitz Henry Lane, Fitz Hugh Lane, Frederic Church, William Morris Hunt and many more.
The paintings of these various artists range from 19th century up to the present.

Aside from paintings, sculpture and artworks from Europe and the Americas, works of art from other continents and cultures can also be found in the Museum of Fine Arts. Some of the collection highlights include the following: Art of Asia, Oceania, and Africa; Art of Europe; Art of the Americas; Art of the Ancient World; Contemporary Art; Musical instruments; Prints, Drawings, and Photographs; and Textile and Fashion Arts.

When it comes to the Art of the Ancient World, the museum has an extensive collection of artifacts of
the ancient Egypt. One would truly be mesmerized in seeing the statues of the pharaohs and queens.
On the other hand, the Chinese culture is also well-represented with its paintings and other forms of art
work such as calligraphy, Chinese art and the Chinese history’s most treasured paintings. The modern
and contemporary artists are also well-represented in the museum.

The Museum of Fine Arts is considered to have the most extensive collection of Japanese collection outside Japan. The collection includes the 5,000 pieces of Japanese pottery by Edward S. Morse.

Featured exhibitions are also held in the museum from time to time.

For people who cannot go and visit the museum in person, they can still enjoy the collections by
accessing them online. The Museum of Fine Arts is said to have to largest online catalog that reaches
about more than 346,000 items. These items can be viewed online with the photographs.

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Museum of Fine Arts

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