Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA – NY)

The Museum of Modern Art or MoMA is one of the most visited museums in the world. It has been noted that in 2013, it has 13 million guests making it the top 13th in the world rankings.Nobody would be surprised though as this is located strategically in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, one of the busiest districts in the world.


Aside from Museum of Modern Art’s strategic location, perhaps, its take on modern art makes it very influential among guests and art enthusiasts. The development of the idea of putting up such a museum started in 1929 with Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Mary Quinn Sullivan and Lillie P. Bliss. They rented a space, Heckscher Building, to be made to be the Museum of Modern Art in which they opened to the public in November 7, 1929 and featured modern art exclusively. The Museum of Modern Art is also the first of its kind to feature European modernism.

It was in 1939 when they moved to the new and bigger Museum of Modern Art in 53rd street. This is now the permanent address of the Museum of Modern Art. Since its establishment, it now houses more than 150,000 individual pieces of artwork, 4 million film stills and 22,000 films. The Museum of Modern Art also has its own library which has about 300,000 books. These books are composed of artist books, periodicals and files of over 70,000 artists which are primarily related to contemporary and modern art.


Among the most famous art works that are exhibited in Museum of Modern Art is Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece, The Starry Night. Aside from that, Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon can also be found there along with Henri Matisse’s, View of Notre-Dame. A lot of American artists are also featured in the Museum of Modern Art such as Jack Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein among hundreds of other artists.

The Museum of Modern Art Department of Film has the most extensive archive of international films.It has more than 25,000 titles to date and is increasing due to the making of quality of films in the film industries of various nations. Aside from films, ground-breaking TV commercials and music videos are also archived in the Museum of Modern Art for the purpose of preservation.

Of course, architecture and design is also included in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art. To date, it has more than 28,000 collected works of architectural models, photographs and drawings. The possibilities are endless considering that the Museum of Modern Art also features industrial pieces and video games such as Minecraft and Spacewar!


Since its inception, the growing number of collection in the Museum of Modern Art has expanded its grounds to make new room for the new items that are brought in. Aside from the preservation and exhibition of the collections in the Museum of Modern Art, there are also some instances where they hold special exhibitions for architectural model houses which were presented by famous architectural firms all over the world.

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