J. Paul Getty Museum


One of the most visited museums in the United States is the J. Paul Getty Museum or also known as The Getty. It had an estimated 1.7 million visitors in 2013 and is considered as the 27th most visited museum in the world. It is located in Los Angeles, California. The museum is divided into two locations, the Getty Villa and the Getty Center.


The J. Paul Getty Museum’s Getty Center features extensive Western art dated from the Middle Ages up to the present time. On the other hand, the J. Paul Getty Museum’s Getty Villa features art that of the Ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan civilizations.

J. Paul Getty Museum was established in 1954. It is most famous for its architectural design and its antiques pieces like that of 5th century BC statue of the goddess Aphrodite, which struck controversy that it was stolen in Sicily. So much for the dispute, some of the Greek and Italian artifacts have been returned to their rightful owners. In fact, many controversies have been slapped in the J. Paul Getty Museum pertaining to the wrongful and illegal acquisition of many items that have been contested by the Greek and Italian governments. Nevertheless, the J. Paul Getty Museum has more than thousands of artworks and pieces to showcase to their visitors which is the delight to many.


With this being said, among the most famous pieces that the J. Paul Getty Museum displays are the works of Vincent van Gogh, The Irises, Claude Monet’s Sunrise, Rembrandt’s Abduction of Europa, Titian’s Venus and Adonis and many more. What is so nice about these art pieces displayed in J. Paul Getty Museum is that most of them are preserved well since they are dated back in the 14th and 15th centuries and up to the present.


One of the major advantages when visiting the J. Paul Getty Museum is the GettyGuide. It is an interactive tool that can be used in the J. Paul Getty Museum. It can also be checked online to get full and detailed access on what to expect and how to get around the J. Paul Getty Museum. This is a great help for visitors and travellers as they can tour around the area without a fuss.

Of course, when inside the J. Paul Getty Museum, visitors do not only learn about the facts and trivia on various exhibits, they too can have fun by watching interactive how-to videos on art different art techniques. There is also an interactive timeline in the J. Paul Getty Museum by which visitors which they can also witness how curators and conservators do their jobs through their commentaries played in multimedia players.


There is indeed much to see in the J. Paul Getty Museum. A day may not be enough to cover a vast area of more than 9 hectares. Aside from showing and presenting priceless possessions, the J. Paul Getty Museum also helps in the interpretation of impeccable works of art that may have great and historical importance.

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